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We would love to hear from you! Topics to reach out to us about: venue rental, catering, holiday hours, offerings, events, and reservations. General feedback and compliments are always welcome.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns that we can address. 

Yours Truly,
Ten Toes Team  


Check below for our locations, contact information and hours of operation. We look forward to hearing from and seeing you. Our friendly and educated staff love welcoming you into our unique atmosphere, to enjoy our offerings. See you soon!


    1109 Cyrville Rd.
    Gloucester, ON
    K1J 7S6

    MONDAY 8am - 5pm
    TUESDAY 8am - 5pm
    WEDNESDAY 8am - 5pm
    THURSDAY 8am - 5pm
    FRIDAY 8am - 5pm
    SATURDAY 9am - 5pm
    SUNDAY 9am - 5pm



    593 Bank St,
    Ottawa, ON
    K1S 3T4

    MONDAY 8am - 6pm
    TUESDAY 8am - 6pm
    WEDNESDAY 8am - 6pm
    THURSDAY 8am - 6pm
    FRIDAY 8am - 6pm
    SATURDAY 8am - 6pm
    SUNDAY 8am - 6pm